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Consumer Info

The insurance industry keeps expanding. New federal and state legislation appears regularly to expand protection and courts are filled with lawsuits for sometimes incredible claims for damage. It has become so unwieldy a task to purchase insurance it is almost a given necessity to use the services of people who constantly research the newest developments and keep up-to-date on the hundreds of insurers and their growing policy offerings.

Milligan & Associates Insurance Agency provides the guidance needed when selecting and purchasing the exact type and amount of coverage you actually need at the lowest premium cost.

See the info below which may answer some very basic questions, or hints on what you might consider in saving considerable amounts on premiums. Then, when it's time to buy, come see us first for very important and detailed advice.


Negotiating the Jungle of Auto Insurance
The "bare bones" minimum requirements for auto insurance in Ohio are: Bodily injury - $25,000 per person; $50,000 per accident - and $25,000 for propery damage per accident. If higher amounts need to be paid, it will come out of your pocket. For this reason most people purchase coverages that far exceed the minimum. Milligan & Associates will look for the company that will provide the least expensive coverage based upon your specific requirements. Professional assistance is by far the best and safest bet when shopping the complex auto insurance market.

What Factors Can Determine Home Insurance Rates
Keeping in mind that your policy is in part determined by the replacement cost of your home – which is the actual amount of money it would cost to replace your home if it were destroyed - the actual costs for home insurance are also based on a number of other factors such as: type of policy, your chosen deductible amount, special additional coverages, your past claim history and even the distance from fire protection.

A Few Basics About Life Insurance
Life Insurance can ensure a designated amount of expense coverage for your family should you die. There are two basic types: A Term Life policy covers you for the duration of the term period – a year, a number of years or until you turn a certain age, etc.  Term policies pay out a death benefit if you die during the designated term and are usually less expensive than Permanent/Cash Value policies. Permanent Policies or "cash value" policies usually include a death benefit component and a long-term, tax-advantaged savings plan. Because they feature a savings component, they typically involve paying a higher premium.